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To transform small and medium industries, enterprises and businesses into the economic powerhouse of the country.

The Small and Medium Industries Association of Melaka was established on 14th November, 2003 by a group of young entrepreneurs to help the SMEs who encountered problems in their various industries.

The Association’s humble beginning was, like most young establishment, has to overcome many obstacles to take off the ground.

It was in 2004 that under our present President, Ms. Liong Seat Ping and a new committee that many activities like seminars, visits to meet overseas enterprises and overseas exposition especially to China  were organized to open business opportunities for the many enterprises in Melaka.   Ms. Liong, in her capacity as a business woman has managed to cultivate a close report with the many government departments and financial institutions with the purposes of establishing a communication avenue for the enterprises.

In order that the Association can assist the SMEs to grow better, its’ President, Ms. Liong Seat Ping believe in establishing closer trade relations with the various government and private trade establishment in China as she is certain that this can benefit the SMEs of China and Malaysia.

The Association changed its’ name to The Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Melaka in 2015 in line with change of the industries status.

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